Empowering youth with a knitting needle and loom


Once again the blog has gone dark for a few weeks (we still haven’t even gotten around to sitting down to write the one year challenges and triumphs blog), but it’s for good reason.

Aside from packing up our meager possessions for the move to Kitale (we leave tomorrow!), we’ve been working on a short documentary for a project a friend is starting here in Nairobi. This is our third short doc and we truly feel it’s our best yet, so we’re so excited to share this with you guys. If you’re into knitting or the empowerment of youth, this is should really be a good watch with good feels for you.

Enjoy and consider getting involved!

12 Replies to “Empowering youth with a knitting needle and loom”

  1. Kathy Wright

    Great documentary. Great job! I saw it yesterday in Bible Study and was amazed at the professionalism of the video. Well done!! Blessings on your move! Hope to see you again!

    • Sambrosia Wasike Post author

      So glad to hear your feedback, Kathy. We knew Vicky would play it at Bible study, and we were wondering what you ladies thought. Whew! Thanks for the encouraging words and I hope to see you again soon. Sorry I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. 🙁

  2. Yulunda G.

    I continue to be humbled daily by the grace of God and the wonderful spirits He has deposited in so many to help throughout the world.

    We must become passionate about “Knitting for Jesus” in every aspect of our lives.

    Those hats are absolutely beautiful!

    Enjoy your new home Beautiful Soul!


  3. Grandma

    Thank you Sam and Ray for doing such a fantastic job on this documentary. It is extremely informative, which did not leave me with any questions as to what is Knitting for Jesus about. The filming itself was remarkable. Keep up the good work.

    Love to you both,

    • Sambrosia Wasike Post author

      Thanks for giving us something to make a film about, Grandma. 🙂 It was truly a blessing to get to work on this for you guys. Much love to you too!

    • Sambrosia Wasike Post author

      Lol, we’ve mentioned it a few times here and there, but Kitale is about 8 hours away from Nairobi and it’s close to Bungoma, Ray’s village, and the Ugandan border. Now that our year of marriage is up, we’re ready to get started with ministry and our ministry is mostly focused in this area. I’ll be posting updates soon once we get started. 😉


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