Prayer Requests

Below you will find various ways that we could use your prayer support. Please feel free to leave comments below or use the contact form to let us know if you have any prayer requests. We’d love to be praying for you too.

As a Couple

  • Open ears and hearts to see where the Lord would desire to lead us
  • A steadfastness in our love for the Lord and for each other
  • Wisdom as we deal with changes in lifestyle (i.e. slower life in Kitale)
  • Godly friends
  • To find a church or at least the right people to start a home church with

The Joshua Blueprint

  • Wisdom in dealing with registration and legal issues
  • Divine connections with people who can provide instruments (recorders, keyboards, guitars, etc.) for instruction
  • The children we work with at Mattaw – growth spiritually and artistically
  • A building of our own to host the organization

Wasike Creations

  • Continued connections and support from the local missions community
  • Quality equipment to produce quality videos
  • Office space
  • For the messages we share through our videos to reach far and wide and touch hearts



7 Replies to “Prayer Requests”

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  2. NK

    Hello! I heard about you (1 hour ago) when I heard your song Faithful on Kenyan Radio, it didn’t register on Shazam so I had to wait to note your name down as I sat in traffic…hoping I wasn’t spotted by the cops šŸ™‚ I’m so glad I did, you are an amazing talented artist and you happened to be on the radio at the right time… just as I was asking God to introduce me to more Christian music.

    Thank you S’ambrosia, may God bless you and enlarge your territory.

  3. debbie lueck

    prayer for restoration of Tyson and Debbies marriage
    Soften tysons heart and all who are directing him for divorce. four children that need a special prayer for a hedge of protection during all of this

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