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S'ambrosia testimony

This week I did a guest post for the She Is Set Apart website about my personal testimony pre-Ray. Some of you may have heard about my “dirty” secret, but others may have no idea. Either way, I’ve put it out there again in hopes that it will be an encouragement to other women and teens out there, and to hopefully start a dialogue with anyone who needs help. When Shelley and I first did the book, I had so many women contacting me for help/advice, but with the mayhem of marriage and moving, I became focused on other things. Hopefully this blog post gets the conversations going again. I’m totally open and willing to talk even if your struggle is something not related to mine.

I’d also like to announce that this post is the beginning of a continued partnership with She Is Set Apart, as I’ll be writing a bi-weekly column on relationships from the perspective of a woman who was all about being single before a cat named Ray changed her mind. If you’re interested in keeping up with those posts, please check out the site and be sure to follow it.

Meanwhile, you can either click the picture above or click here to read my testimony.

Much love and many prayers, dear friends.


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