The challenge of living in the moment: battling restlessness

Just last week I caught myself saying, “I can’t wait until it’s Thursday.”

Some friends had informed us of a conference in Kasarani and offered to pay for our hotel room. We were definitely in need of a break, so we decided to go for it.

No sooner had I flopped onto the bed in our hotel room, I sighed, “I can’t wait until the conference starts.”

Again, sitting in the bleachers at the the stadium, I whispered to Ray, “I can’t wait until we meet up with your family tonight.”

On and on the cycle of “I can’t wait” went, and though I’ve only recently become aware of its constant appearance in my speech, I suspect that it’s been around for quite some time now.

Created to be restless

There’s a restlessness inside of me that won’t allow me to be satisfied with anything. I’m always looking for something more, something better. In the purest sense, it’s really not a bad thing.

We were created with an eternal base, an eternal spirit, so naturally there is a desire to put off these mortal garments of skin that keep us chained to this temporal earth. (Tweet this)

Scripture meme

Given that this is a natural and pure desire, I can still keep my eyes fixed ahead, but the problem is that my desire for heaven has been turned from where it should be and placed on temporal things. Instead of hoping to be with Jesus where He is, I’m hoping that the next event in life will bring some sense of happiness, peace, or purpose. The one thing that is needed is to reset my focus to where it needs to be and to see each event in life as a means to the end instead of a means to an end.

There is purpose in every single moment lived, and the sum of them contribute towards my eternal purpose. (Tweet this)

If everything I do in life is building up to eternity and my hope is set in heavenly places, I’m going to engage in each moment as though it counts for something, which really frees me from looking at each situation as an end all, be all. Instead, being with Jesus is my end goal, and He is all I ever need.

I hope this challenges you today as it has challenged me. Much love and many prayers!

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